Textile Art Lab: Research and Experimentation & Wearable Object D'Art

This textile triptych comprises three distinct pieces that emphasize the pivotal role of women in rural areas. I’ve employed traceable wool from transhumant flocks and intricate detailing to capture a spectrum of emotions and scenarios. The weaving techniques infuse a sense of dynamism into these artworks. Each piece represents different facets of daily life in rural settings, encompassing the toilsome labor and joyous celebrations. Through this exhibit, my intention is to challenge conventional perceptions while portraying the serenity inherent in rural existence. I’ve integrated elements of repetition and routine, coupled with a profound reverence for the environment and the animal world. Additionally, I have utilized a 3D-scanned object to seamlessly integrate these pieces into the real world, thanks to Augmented Reality.

Textile instalation at Can Balaguer for Fibra Xtant 23

Textiles are entirely woven with traceable and transhumant spanish merino wool from @madeinslow