Textile Art Lab: Research and Experimentation & Wearable Object D'Art

costume design textiles for a choreographic show

Canarii show

weaving art piece made of Merino d'Arles, nettle, lotus and metallic threads

Modus Operandi Gallery

mycelium threads: weaving textile evolution and new narrative realities

Mycelium on textile

lo rural: threads of tradition - a textile installation in three pieces

Fibras Xtant 23

Xeno’s Vision: transforming trash into treasure – the future of wealthy waste lands

IED master Colab

transforming waste into beauty and innovative formats for the creation of objects with bio-materials

New materials

transhumant Spanish Merino wool textile structure

On Connection

visual art project about body motions, signals and symbols

Body tramas

hand weavings for Moisés Nieto´s collection

Goya - FW2223

knits and weavings with porcelain details inlaid from ANDRESGALLARDO


tapestry exhibition at Galería Araña

de un instante

Aleatoriedad de un instante planificado

textile structure for the exhibition "Nepotismo Ilustrado"

Cosmic dancer

knitted garments and short film

Kel by Roar