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Goya inspiration FW2223 fashion show. A co-creation design process with Moisés Nieto

Four woven fabrics were crafted on a rigid loom. Warp of waxed linen, mohair, cotton and merino wool in shades of blue and black with a touch of silver.

The Goya Fall Winter 22-23 fashion show was a masterpiece of artistic collaboration between artisans and the fashion designer Moises Nieto. Drawing inspiration from the works of Goya, the collection featured in the show was a stunning fusion of contemporary fashion and classical art.
Four woven fabrics crafted woven on a rigid loom, these fabrics boasted a warp made of waxed linen, mohair, cotton, and merino wool, with shades of blue and black and a subtle hint of silver. They were the perfect embodiment of the fusion of traditional techniques and modern creativity that defined the show. This collaboration with Moises Nieto was a testament to the power of artistic synergy resulting in a timeless and cutting-edge handcrafted garment