Textile Art Lab: Research and Experimentation & Wearable Object D'Art

Two woven masterpieces make up this textile structure, meticulously created on a rigid loom using traceable transhumant Spanish Merino wool. I play with a variety of yarns, each with different gauges and torsion, to set the warp and weft. My creative instincts, driven by a direct brain-to-hand connection, guide me as knots and thread variations alter the working dynamics on the weft.

The textile takes on a unique character as I shape it, introducing bioplastic to harden the top part in raw, earthy tones. The foundation is crafted from rich chestnut-colored wool, internally fortified with sturdy wicker. Bringing it all together, a twisted wicker rod forms the connection between these two distinct pieces, weaving a story of craftsmanship and innovation.