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Mycelium Threads: Weaving Textile Evolution and New Narrative Realities

In this groundbreaking experiment, I delve into the fascinating synergy between mycelium and textile materials, harnessing mycelium’s inherent strength and adaptability to create a composite material that could redefine how we think about textiles. By cultivating mycelium on textiles, I aim to explore its growth patterns, structural integrity, and potential applications while embracing new narratives’ importance.

In a world where content creation is evolving at an unprecedented pace, we recognize the power of using scanning objects to bring them into the actual realities around us. This fusion of technology and natural innovation advances our understanding of materials and offers exciting opportunities to shape narratives that bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms. A transformative journey which pushes the boundaries of both science and storytelling.

Textile is entirely woven with traceable and transhumant spanish merino wool from @madeinslow