Naturgemälde’ collection on demand and made to measure.

Unique garments, hand woven one by one.

Unrepeatable and singular tapestries.

How to place your order

1. Choose the model you like best

2. Tell me some details about your size:

Do you use size XS, S, M or L?

The length from neck to waist

Width between shoulders

Measurement of chest and waist

3. Contact us!


In order to start the work, we ask for 50% of the total.

You can use Paypal or bank transfer.

In 1 month you can enjoy the delicacy and originality of the garment made by and for you.             

Appsolescencia is a showcase for conceived objects, connected to the world that bring us closer to sustainability and harmony with the planet.

En Appsolescencia trabajamos bajo demanda.

Prendas únicas, trabajadas a conciencia.